Primerjava med Nikonom D700 in D600 pri različnih ISO vrednostih

Test je bil narejen v kontroliranih pogojih in pri tungsten svetlobi.

Oba fotoaparata sta imela identične nastavitve. Format zapisa je bil JPG. Pri vseh fotografijah je bila izklopljena funkcija redukcije digitalnega šuma.

Nastavitev beline je bila prednastavljena s pomočjo bele predloge. Objektiv pri obeh fotoaparatih je bil Nikon 24-85 f3.5-4.5.

Na levi strani so fotografije narejene z Nikonom D700, na desni pa z D600.

Še povezava do celotnega TESTA Nikona D600


Avtor prispevka: Bojan Stepančič


  1. Great high iso, there are some strange colors at 25600…

    Ok it’s not cropped photo and an mirrorless mtf olympus E-P5

  2. Does anyone know if it has a built-in AF motor?

  3. Which one color oragne/yellow is more realistic when You compare to colors in real world? Because d700 colors looks much better. I still can’t decide – take d700 or d600 (d800 is too much expensive).

    • Bojan Stepančič

      Colors are very sensitive subject. Every person sees color by his own taste. Today (at 20:00 European Time) I will post complete test of D600 with more real life samples. Then you can get better impression about colors in D600.
      For me, the biggest difference in colors between D700 and D600 is, that D600 have less saturated reds and orange/yellow colors and cleaner blue colors. But this are differences jn JPG photos and standard picture settings (control). D700 have to strong and saturated colors in vivid picture control, so perhapss Nikon decide to do this change in colors with D600. Otherwise both cameras perform wary good in therms of light metering and WB, D700 have slight advance in WB metering in artificial light. If you need video and 100% viewfinder D600 is definitely better. But if you buying affordable second hand semi pro camera, then D700 is best option.

  4. people, when considering differences you have to bear in mind “Format zapisa je bil JPG.”

    These photographs were taken in JPG, so different post-processing, different settings (color saturation, different strength of noise reduction between those cameras, settings of sharpness etc) comes into play.

    Nobody knows how D600 will treat JPG files compared to older cameras. So we can’t judge anything.

    For sure, having twice as much megapixels on the same square area of sensor also makes some difference. Then can be better (technological advancement, gapless mirrors etc), they can be little bit worst (much more density). I personally suspect, based on D800 and its Sony 36Mpix sensor, that D600 will be MUCH BETTER than D700 in low-level sensor parameters like color depth, dynamic range of sensor etc.

    Heck, because we have D800 on top of all charts with its huge resolution, I guess that D600 may even challenge that due to much lower resolution and the same area. Maybe D600 will be even better in some parameters than D800… for sure it will leave D700 in dust, because that technology is four years old and we have seen extreme advancements in the newest generation of Sony sensors (used in d7000, d800, probably d600 uses also Sony sensor).

    For now, we have to hold on and wait for detailed tests. These JPG photographs, and some other on internet, are very good INDICATION of the capability, but we all know how it goes with RAW->JPG processing and we all know that D700 RAW contains much more and much better information than JPGs out of that camera.

    Yes, D600 will make fantastic photographs. If it’s worth upgrade from D700? I feel it is. Check what price you can sell used/abused 4year old D700 for and it’s ridiculous – for about 600eur difference (1/3rd of total price), you can have absolutely new d600 with warranty.

    Is it a good offer ? You bet.

    • Bojan Stepančič

      Personally I find this camera better in some areas compared with D700. WB in auto mode sims to be more accurate then with D700, also metering system in matrix mode. AF is not the strongest point of D600 if we compared to D700 because AF area in D600 is smaller, this could be troublesome for those who have used DSLRs with Multi-CAM 3500DX module, but on the other hand AF in D600 is quick and precise and work well in low light, so the majority of new users, which will replace the DX system with D600, will not find this to be problem.
      Quality of body and handling is also on very high level. Shutter is very very quiet, compared to D700.

      Limited manual control in Video mode is very disappointing. Exiting live view mode, every time you have to change the aperture is something Nikon shouldn’t do with camera in this price range. On the other hand they put uncompressed HDMI out to use external recorder. This is something what pro and advanced users will need, but this users also prefer unrestricted manual control.

  5. Digital sensors often blow the red channel and over saturate it. Does this in anyway account for the difference in the way red is rendered between the two? What is the actual colour of the AGFA film roll. Other than that I find D600 sharper with slightly less noise until 6400 where it clearly moves away from D700. Also D600 has a slightly finer grain I think.

  6. Thanks. Why this color difference of the orange AGFA can?

    • Fotospekter

      These are two different camera. D600 appears to have a different color treatment. Red and orange are slightly less saturated. Otherwise, the settings were the same for both.

    • Weak red channel, it’s obvious. This camera is focused on ISO and not the color.

      • Fotospekter

        However, because of this skin tone are more real, and they are not reddish and over saturated. Test images with comparisons will be available soon we finised compete test of D600.

  7. Zakaj je pri D600 slika večja, če je bilo vse enako?

    • Fotospekter

      D600 ima senzor z 24 milijoni točkami, D700 pa ima 12 milijonv točk. Obe primerjavi sta bili narejeni tako, da je povečava (crop) na računalniku 100%.V bistvu sta obe fotografiji sredinski izrez testne postavitve. V kolikor bi bil izrez pri D600 takšen, da bi bile obe fotografiji enako veliki (oziroma motiv enako velik), ne bi mogli primerjati kvalitete,ker potem pri D600, fotografija ne bi prikazovala dejanskega stanja na nivoju posameznega pixla oziroma točke.

    • Low color resolution leads only one result. You’ll see less tonal transitions and near colors. I do not think it is good for taking pictures of people :)

      • Fotospekter

        This are jpg in standard picture setting straight from the camera. For my taste in this settings, D700 some times over saturate skin tones. D600 have better dynamic range, especially at higher ISO settings. If you look closely at the left side of the agfa film, where film strip is. You could see that the color and dynamic range are much much better then with D700. This is evident with low and also hi iso samples.

    • ^^ This is reply to the previous comment ^^ Sorry

    • Of course, standard mode are terrible on D700. I shoting only Neutral even for RAW preview.

      Let’s wait DxO colour measurement, but as I see now from many samples (as JPG as RAW) the color resolution of D600 is less. DR better, artificial tension in the highlights, as well as D800

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